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artiste sculptrice éco-responsable

Lyzia M.
born in 1964
2002 : 6 months of training as a pottery turner
Self taught- set up her workshop LM & Oz in 2018


Lyzia M. is a self taught artist whose experiences of life have inspired her to sculpt in order to express her emotions.

During her training to be a pottery turner, the Earth awoke in her the passion to shape it.

Her creations have brought her admirers joy, pleasure and serenity. These people have strongly encouraged her to launch herself into an artistic career, because this gift must be developed and shared ; suchis the strength of feeling wich emanates from her work.

Therefore en 2015, when she moved to Eauze, she decided to commit herself to her creative work.

The sculptures she creates are made out of clay and lime, they dry out in the open air (not producing any CO2). This allows her work to continue to live in space and time, time which hardens them like stones, according them solidity without depriving them of life. Different materials which seemed to have no more use, which nevertheless, to prove the contrary, come to life again as they give her the inspiration to create. Her colours are created from natural colour oxides, and for some pieces filings are used.

The creations are polished and given a sheen, after being protected from the dampness, thanks to the virtues of soft soap.

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